Saturday, March 25, 2017

It's all about Life!

What a busy day! House chores, grocery shopping, and taking care of family. But I love my life! No complains. I need coffee every morning to keep me going! Haha. They said too much caffeine is not good and I agree, because everything that is too much is NOT GOOD!. Health is wealth. So I really tried to stay healthy as much as possible, not only me but also the whole family. I like to cook stir-fry vegetables. I think that's one of my family's fave food. My 1 year old son is getting so handful now! oh boy! He is into everything! He sure keeps me busy, but I still have time to play online games, I love playing scrabble and solitaire online. It's fun! Since it's hard to go anywhere with the baby, so I do some of my clothing shopping online.I found this site that you will earn money by even reading your email, taking survey online, shop and even when you play games online. Isn't that amazing? If you're a mom like me, check this out! Making EXTRA cash isn't a bad thing right? I only work part - time because I want to use most of my time taking care of my family. Family is more important than money! If I will work full time, there is no guarantee that I will become rich anyway. I see both parents working full time and their kids are not doing so well because they are lacking of attention and guidance from their parents. What a sad situation that is! Oh well, life is full of surprises. Three months from now, we will be celebrating our 6th year wedding anniversary. I see " presents !!!!". Haha. Seriously, even without presents, it's a blessing from above that my marriage is close to perfect! And I am so proud to say that! My husband keep asking me what I want...There's a lot of things to want right? Haha. But honestly, there is really nothing I want. But I have to give him something right? How about Ipad 2? I've heard it's handy to have one. We'll just see. I might change my mind later. I like to have another Louis Vuitton bag! Good idea! Hahaha. Wow, time flies so fast, it's past eleven o' clock! I better send a text to my family overseas. Thanks to the FREE texting online, it's the best way to go if you have family abroad. It's too expensive to call them all the time and too expensive sending text using my cellphone. I I heard my brother's wife just had a baby! So exciting. Anyway, gotta go guys. Have a nice week everyone! Enjoy life and Stay Happy!