Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Like A Bee!

Last week was one busy week. I have to change- over my cards for both my stores and I helped Target store because the one handling the store retired! I was really really tired and even until now, I still feel tired.
My husband kept telling me I can't work full-time. Yes, I don't want to work full time but I am glad to have extra hours though.
This week is pretty slow. Thank God! Our house is a mess. Tomorrow , I will be taking the day off and I will clean our house! Laundry needs to be done also, hmmmm, house chores never ends!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

I've been reading the Awake Magazine, Feb. 2010 Issue and I want to share this topic with you guys. Divorce is very common and most people think that it is the solution for their marital problems. But this magazine gives four suggestions to save poor condition marriages.
  1. Make a resolve - Agree with your mate that you will work together to restore peace to your marriage. Try writing your decisions on paper. When both of you and your spouse are committed, saving your marriage becomes a team project.
  2. Identify the problem - What is it that has interfered with your marriage? In one sentence, write out what you think is lacking or what you wish could change. Understandably,the problem you identify may be different from that noted by your spouse.
  3. Set a Goal - Where would you like your marriage to be six months from now? What specific improvements would you like to see? Write your goal on paper. When you have a clear vision as to what you need in your marriage, you goal will be easier to attain.
  4. Apply Bible Counsel - Once you have identified your problem and determined the improvements you would like to make, look to the bible for advice. Its principles are timeless, and they really work. These Scriptural principles are effective because the Bible's Author, Jehovah God, created the marriage arrangement.

These suggestions are also useful eventhough our marriages are not falling apart. It is always good to assess our marriage situation from time to time. Let's work hard to keep our marriage happy. Have a nice weekend everyone.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Working With Various Types of Alloys

Lately my husband has been very busy at work, (he works so hard). A couple weeks ago a customer brought in a long shaft from a yarder, a machine that pulls logs up the side of the mountain, that he had broke in half, so of course he had to build them a new one. It was very difficult for him due to the complexity of it, and the mental part of making sure he did not mess it up. The hardest part for him was drilling a hole down the center of the shaft 50" deep that had to line up with a cross hole at the end. The shaft was made out of an alloy steel called 4140 QT, which though it made drilling this hole much more difficult for him, due to the toughness of the material, will provide the customer with a much better shaft in the end that will be more resistant to breaking again.
Since they are so busy he is going to go to work tomorrow and try to get caught up a little. He will be working on a saw arbor that is used to hold saw blades on a machine that cuts logs by following the structure of the log to produce a straighter board. This arbor is first rough machined, then sent out to have a special spline put on the outside that is used to drive the saw blades, then it is induction hardened and straightened. Once that is done my husband gets it back and finishes the ends of the shaft. When the shaft is finally done it needs to be very straight, as it turns very fast, so a special material called 52100 is used to make it out of. This material is slighty tougher than 4140 but is very resilient to moving during and after the machining process, which helps it stay much straighter in the end. Overall helping the customer to have a better running machine.
After he is done with that, and if he has time, he is going to start making some parts for a paper mill that are used to churn pulp. These parts are made out of 316 stainless steel and resemble a flat bladed propeller. Again this will be a difficult job for him as it is something he has never done before and having to work with stainless will make it much more difficult. Although these parts are used in a very wet environment and must be made from stainless steel. He is looking forward to it though as it will be something new for him.