Monday, August 1, 2011

Eating Again

Guest post written by my buddy Bernado Graham. I am so happy that my daughters are eating again. I do not know if it is the hot summer sun, the many hours spent at the pool or the absence of the sugary snacks from school. Whatever is causing this increase in the appetite, I am happy. My kids are not the kind that will eat anything that is placed in front of them. They never have and probably never will. Since I have them all to myself for almost three months, I can get them back to eating the way I want them to. They have been showing a lot of commercials for healthy foods. I always go online so I can get more info on direct tv and about these products shown on satellite television. They are so hungry after playing that they are now eating whatever I pack for snacks. They have no choice and they do not argue. This summer they have been eating plenty of cucumbers, melons, whole wheat crackers and cheese. I also provide them with bottled water and they do not ask about juice or soda.