Thursday, June 2, 2011

The BET Awards Is A Family Affair

Thanks for the post from Hal Potter . I love to watch award shows, and one of my favorites is the BET Awards. I am a huge fan of hip hop, and the award show allows me to relive the year in hip hop. One of my favorite awards is the Hip Hop Achievement Award that is presented to some great pioneers of the genre. They always go on stage and perform, which is always exciting. The show is always funny, too. I love to see all my favorites come together, laughing and having such a great time. The fashion is another aspect of the award show that I love. All of the women wear some hottest style you have ever seen! The men don't look too bad, either. I always watch the BET awards on my Maybe it is just me, but it seem to get better quality with regular television. My kids make it a special event and come over to my house to watch it with me, too. They love the live performances most of all.